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So Much History To Explore:

CNR Building CNR Station
The Frenchman Butte Museum first began in this building - an original building to this picturesque hamlet.  It is  manned by mannequin staff and houses a portion of the large collection discovered by the late Lloyd Furman. The restored CNR Station is now recognized as an official Heritage Building.  

Lloyd Furman Building Lloyd Furman Building
This large quonset was dedicated on May 3, 1991 in honour of the late Lloyd Furman.  The exhibit building is organized so the visitor can follow through the years from the early Metis' Red River carts, the Hudson Bay Trading Company, Fort Pitt and the 1885 northwest Rebellion which preceded the settling and homesteading era, then into the Roaring 20's, to the two World Wars.

Big Hill School Big Hill School
This schoolhouse was originally built in 1926 at the foot of the Frenchman Butte hill.  It was moved to the Frenchman Butte Museum site in 1999 and is now declared as a Heritage Building.  It awaits visitors who as students who will experience the atmosphere of a one-room schoolhouse.

Leer House Leer House
This unique family home was built in 1928 of hand-hewn logs set vertically and held together by wooden pegs. It was moved to the museum site in 2001 and is decorated completely by original artifacts that had belonged to the Leer family.  

CN Caboose Gallery CN Caboose Gallery
A superb collection of historic photographos are displayed for your viewing in this railway caboose, which was moved to the museum site in 1993.  

Blacksmith Shop Blacksmith Shop
Tucked behind a lovely Manitoba Maple tree, the workshop of the late Lloyd Furman was moved to the site in 1994 and now houses blacksmith tools, ropemaker and other various pioneer tools.

Log Cabin Tea House Log Cabin Tea House
Building of this unique Log Cabin began in 1994.  Inside you can relax in a unique atmosphere near the large stone fireplace.  Treat yourself to a hot cup of tea served in teacups and saucers and an array of superb baking donated by the ladies who volunteer their time to serve you.

Library Library
This little building was actually the original library in Frenchman Butte and was moved to the site in 1980.  It contains many books and reading materials that are no longer in circulation today.

Machine Shed Machine Shed
Today's farm equipment is much more modern and sophisticated than the machines from yesteryear.  Step back in time and view the many different types of machinery that are housed in the machine shed.
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